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Truth Matters

The Trudeau Liberal Minister of Spending has presented the Fall Economic Update.

The deficit will be higher. The debt will be higher. Your taxes are going up.

The fall update also includes new measures for Canada’s journalism sector, including setting aside $595 million over the next five years for a temporary 15 per cent tax credit for people who subscribe to eligible digital news media, and creating a new refundable tax credit for both non-profit and for-profit news organizations.

At the same time you and I found out about Trudeau giving $10.5 million to convicted, and self-confessed bomb maker, Omar Khadr, the mainstream media was begging for half a billion dollar bailout because Canadians were getting their news first hand from postings on social media for free.

The media had broken the story that Trudeau wanted to quietly sweep away without Canadians being the wiser.

After having told injured war veterans wounded by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) they were asking more than the government could afford, the payout to someone, who built and taught others to build those bombs, the government went into crisis mode.

Then all of a sudden, the media messaging changed. Stories justifying the payout started to drown out the calls for charges of treason against Trudeau.

When I pointed this out, the media went into attack mode.

Journalists tweeted personal insults at me, while others demanded I be censured in Parliament.

Imagine how the media will treat Conservatives when they are all on Trudeau’s payroll.

We must fight back.

We must get our message out to Canadians who, like you, care about what is happening to our country.

That’s why starting Monday, every donor to our Conservative Association will receive a free subscription to a Conservative MP News Hub that my team has set-up.

You will have the option of getting a daily or weekly newsletter, collecting the latest news articles and video releases from Conservative Members of Parliament.

The Liberals need to bury the truth.

With your donation of as little as $10, we’ll start to expose what they want to keep hidden.

Show your support for free speech, and sign up for news stories from Canada’s Top Tories.

Who's donating: from Toronto, ON, Canada donated. Thank you!