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Sex, Drugs, and Justin Trudeau


The Trudeau Liberals are holding their national policy convention in Halifax this weekend.

They have gathered to discuss the next phase of their radical left-wing agenda to transform Canada into a country you wouldn’t recognize.

Top of their agenda is a call to decriminalize dangerous drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Earlier today, the Liberal Minister of Justice said she was open to the idea of making cocaine and heroin more available as soon as she is done legalizing marijuana.

"It's something I'm open to listening to, but my priority and the priority of our government is to move on the legalization of cannabis”

- Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould 

Not satisfied with replacing organized crime for organized Liberals in the marijuana market, the Liberals are also pushing to take over the sex trade.

They have a policy proposal to decriminalize the purchase of sex.

When our Conservative Government re-balanced prostitution laws, we removed penalties placed on victims of the sex trade, while increasing penalties for the people purchasing sex.

Now the Liberals want to lift all those penalties, and it seems, like the push for hard drugs, Canada’s Justice Minister (and Attorney General) is supporting this radical push for legal prostitution.

"I'm committed to ensuring that we continue to listen to sex workers, listen to all sides of this debate and see what we can do as we move forward,"

- Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould 

When the person in charge of enforcing Canada’s laws is busy watering down those laws, you know things have gone off the rails.

It is time to start calling out this radical left-wing agenda for what it is – regressive.

They want us to regress back to a time when it was okay to purchase a woman. They want us to regress to a time when cocaine was sold in coke and opium is available in your local brothel.

Help us fight Trudeau’s regressive agenda to return us to the dark past we thought we’d left behind two centuries ago.

Make a donation then let Trudeau know we won’t let him take us backwards.