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Tell Trudeau It's Not 1984

$869.40 raised
GOAL: $1,984.00

Big Brother is watching your bank account

Justin Trudeau thinks the government has the unilateral right to demand all of your personal banking records, without your knowledge, without your consent.

Statistics Canada has written to the banks to demand every financial transaction of 500,000 Canadians every year.

Every time you use an ATM. Every time you use Interac. Every credit card charge you make. Every bill you pay.

Trudeau wants it all.

This is a blatant invasion of privacy.

It’s an obvious violation of your rights.

We require police officers to go before a judge, present evidence, and make reasoned argument for why they need a search warrant to look at the bank records of mobsters and terrorists.

Instead of trying to defend with evidence or explain with reason exactly why they are committing this massive violation of your civil rights, they are going on the attack.

Trudeau actually said if you don’t support his radical position your conducting a "war on science".

That’s the Trudeau approach. Give up your privacy or he will label you a dataphobe.

Well, if Trudeau wants to know your financial transactions, here is a suggestion for one you could tell him about.

Donate $19.84, $198.40, or $1215.00 (the year Magna Carta was signed) then let Trudeau (and your friends and family) know that you won’t give up your rights without a fight.