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Join the Tax Fight

The liberals thought calling the people, who grow our food, provide jobs, and keep us healthy "tax cheats", would make them popular.

I do not know about you, I call that mean and unfair.

I depend upon our farmers to put food on my table, local business owners to give my family work, and a doctor to be there when I get sick.

I know you and your family are in the same boat.

That is why YOU need to become involved in this tax revolt.

The tax changes are not a done deal!

We can stop this.

We need to let more Canadians know how to stop it.

And you can help.

By investing in the tax fight today, you will have more money in your pocket tomorrow.

A donation of $250 will allow my team to host another Tax Town Hall, this time in a liberal riding!

A 25 dollar donation will pay for 5000 digital ads targeted at people living near our next Tax Fight Town Hall.

Please, help us get the word out.

Everyone is paying crushing tax to pay for Trudeau’s reckless spending.

Join the fight!