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Trudeau's Fake Ban Study Burns Tax Dollars

$1,565.00 raised
GOAL: $2,500.00

Justin Trudeau is exploiting the gun debate to sow fear and spread division.

We have to fight fear with facts.

Canadians, who don’t own firearms, are often unfamiliar with all the rules and regulations surrounding guns.

It makes them susceptible to Liberal spin, and fake appeals to create a false sense of safety.

We have to get the truth out.

We have to inform Canadians that not only is Trudeau's gun ban study not going to make them safer, it is a waste of their hard earned tax dollars.

Not everybody is as passionate as some of us are over the finer points of firearms policy, but every Canadian who pays taxes cares when their money is being wasted.

Help me spread the word by sponsoring an online ad.

Every $10 donation will help us purchase over a 1000 ads.

If we can reach our goal of raising $2500, we can put this ad in front of 250,000 non-firearm owning Canadians.

Who's donating: from Langley , BC, Canada donated. Thank you!