129. Human Smuggling

The Conservative Party believes in:

i. adopting a proactive approach to reducing human smuggling abroad, through sanctions and legal interruptions of human smuggling intended for Canada; and
ii. promoting democratic and responsible government in the areas of the world from which the refugees originate.

130. Foreign Affairs Principles

The Conservative Party supports a foreign policy that protects Canada’s sovereignty and independence, promotes our national interests (political, economic and strategic), contributes to collective security and defence, promotes democratic principles and human rights, and assists in international development.

We believe the government should recognize the importance of an ethical dimension in foreign policy and will advance the values broadly supported by Canadians.

We believe that Canada's international relations, trade and foreign aid policies should advance the country's economic interests while promoting human rights and individual freedom.

We believe the government should integrate our foreign policy with policies on trade and national defence.

We believe the government should take strong action to combat human trafficking and should take a lead in developing international agreements and protocols against human trafficking.

131. Foreign Aid – Official Development Assistance

The Conservative Party believes in the inherent benefits of development assistance to Canadians and the world. Development assistance must be anchored by expression of Canadian values and pursued within the context of Canada’s strategic interests as defined by an integrated foreign policy.

We are committed to strengthening Canada's record in foreign aid. It supports the introduction of legislation that will empower Parliament to define a legal framework for Canada’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) envelope of spending. This legislation will include a clear mandate for development assistance; mechanisms for policy coherence, monitoring,
accountability and reporting to Parliament; and enhanced public transparency.

We support increasing the effectiveness of humanitarian aid efforts by the Canadian government. In order to accomplish this, it encourages the establishment of clear criteria for recipient countries.

We believe the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) should be authorized to monitor and report on the expenditure and implementation of all official development assistance dollars to ensure it meets the objectives of poverty reduction, respect for human rights and good governance. CIDA should be responsible for publishing an annual report to the public to maintain public support for increases in ODA, enhance transparency, and increase accountability. 

We support measures to ensure that the ODA envelope of spending will increase in a steady and predictable manner, and in particular the framework for increasing Canada’s contribution to the developing world, under which development assistance will be doubled by 2012. 

We believe that CIDA must advise Canadian industry when and where it is committing aid dollars. This will ensure that Canadian businesses have the opportunity to bid on the tenders. 

132. Parliamentary Role in Foreign Affairs 

The Conservative Party believes that Parliament must be responsible for exercising effective oversight over the conduct of Canadian foreign policy and the commitment of Canadian Forces to foreign operations. 

133. International Treaties 

The Conservative Party supports the practice of ensuring that Parliament is fully informed and consulted before binding action is taken with regard to any major new international treaty. The provinces should also be fully consulted if such treaties have a direct effect on the authority and finances of provinces in their areas of responsibility