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Time for Truth

Trudeau lies.

He lied about groping a reporter.

He lied about the SNC scandal.

He lied about WE Charity.

Trudeau’s first instinct is to lie, and because the fish rots from the head on down, his government lies to you.

The Defence Minister lied about when he learned about allegations of sexual misconduct against the Chief of Defence Staff.

Now, we have learned his government lied about researching a tax on your home.

When news first broke that Trudeau’s Government had awarded a quarter million dollar contract to researchers for the study of taxing home equity, the Trudeau appointed head of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) called it fake news.

Yesterday, documents were released proving it was not only true, but the head of CMHC was the one pushing the tax study.

Trudeau claims his government won’t tax your home.

Except the Liberals said they wouldn’t increase the carbon tax last election and his government lied about even studying the tax in the first place.

Tomorrow is April Fools Day,

It is also the day taxes on fuel, heating, energy, along with beer, wine, and spirits all go up.

Most Canadians do not know the truth about these tax hikes because Trudeau thinks we are all fools.

It is hard to know the truth when the government can’t stop lying.

Help me get the truth out to Canadians.