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Rural Canada Is Under Attack

It was only a matter of time before the media party would renew its attacks on Cheryl’s defence of rural Canada.

In a recent Report From Parliament, Cheryl stands up for her rural and small town constituents against Toronto liberal legislation that would restrict development in any communities outside cities. Worse for these self-serving media apologists, she exposes the link between radical environmental legislation made in Toronto and high electricity bills to the liberal party in Ottawa.

The arrival in Ottawa this week of another McGuinty liberal, Arnold Chan, prompted one liberal party insider to resign in disgust, at the now complete control backroom liberals associated with the disgraced former provincial premier have over their inexperienced leader in Ottawa.

Their Agenda 21 hidden agenda has already cost 350,000 manufacturing jobs in Ontario. Companies that may have had expansion plans have put those plans on hold as they grapple with the highest electricity power rates in North America.

We must not allow the people behind Trudeau, who turned Ontario into a have-not province, bankrupt our nation.

If the media are given free rein to influence opinion by brainwashing the public, ruthlessly attacking conservatives, and advancing the leftist agenda 21, Canada will suffer.

There is only one way to stop the liberal media from carrying out their plan. That is to ensure Cheryl has the resources to push back every time she is pushed.

With your generous gift, Cheryl can thwart the liberal media’s agenda to push bad ideas like carbon taxes on an unsuspecting public.

Join us in this struggle for the heart and soul of Canada today.

Who's donating: from Ottawa, ON, Canada donated. Thank you!
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