Sponsored Series

This summer, MP Gallant will be focused on educating non-firearms owning Canadians about the truth behind The Liberals' Firearms Confiscation Plan.

We are going to target different types of non-firearms owning Canadians with different messages through a series of articles and videos.

Canadians need to know this policy is worse than junk science, a waste of money, damaging to democracy, and foreshadows the next step on the path to state control.

The first article has been posted, The Truth Behind The Liberals’ Firearms Confiscation Plan.   

Our local Conservative Association is going to be advertising the series on Facebook to help amplify the message and reach Canadians who might not normally click a link for an article video about firearms.

If we are going to have a chance of winning the next election and reversing this policy, we need non-firearms owning Canadians onside.

If you can help our Association, your donation will sponsor a week of Facebook ads.

We’ll update all sponsors on our campaigns performance each week.