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Save Free Speech

Trudeau is plotting to call an election before the money runs out.

Word has leaked that he plans to bring in laws to ban “hurt” speech from social media.

Calling for violence against a group or individual is hate speech.

It is already against the law.

Hurt speech can be anything which may offend someone else.

To enforce his new Social Media Censorship Laws, Trudeau will require government regulators to monitor internet content.

We have all witnessed how quickly political correctness can change.

We have also seen how those rules seem treat liberals and conservatives differently.

Something innocent you write or share on Twitter or Facebook today may cost you your job tomorrow.

The news outlets Trudeau subsidizes even encourage the censorship of social media instead of defending freedom of speech.

The radicalized Liberals will ram this law through just in time for Trudeau to call an election.

They are trying to silence everyone who doesn’t agree with them before the next election.

Help ensure we can still get our message of freedom out to Canadians, no matter what the government censors try to block.