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The Trudeau Liberals have forced through Bill C-76, The Rigged Elections Act.

Combined with their $600 million media payoff, The Rigged Elections Act will ensure the Liberals have every possible advantage going into the next election.

  • The Liberals have made it easier for people to fake their identities.
  • The Liberals are allowing people, who haven’t lived or paid taxes in Canada, to vote in our upcoming federal election from overseas, in any riding they choose.
  • The Liberals are allowing foreigners to spread fake news.
  • The Liberals have placed restrictions on what Conservatives can say or do for 90 days leading up to the election, but there are no restrictions on what the Liberal Government can say or do.
  • The Liberals have increased the amount other organizations can spend to influence the election.

The main union representing journalists has already declared its intention to be “Andrew Scheer’s Worst Nightmare.

The bureaucrats at Elections Canada, which is supposed to be a non partisan federal agency, are celebrating the Rigged Elections Act on Twitter.

The rules have been rigged, while the umpires and referees are cheering on Trudeau.

Never before have we faced such an uneven playing field.

The Liberals know we Conservatives are going to be tough to defeat, so they’ve passed a law to make it easy to cheat.

Trudeau’s disdain for democracy has our supporters all fired up!

You can help us keep that fire going with a small donation.

Through your help we can by-pass the elite-stream media, and take our positive Conservative message directly to the people.