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Fight Red Flag Laws

China’s Communist Party has instituted a vast surveillance system on its citizens, giving every individual a “social credit score”.

The people of China live under a government that tracks their every movement and punishes them for non-compliance with Communist ideology.

Chinese students are instructed on how to report their parents and close friends for violations.

Loyal communist officials use the social credit system to punish political dissent, while the corrupt communist officials use the system to punish those who don’t pay their bribes.

These Orwellian laws were passed under the red flag of communism.

Long an admirer of China’s Communist government, Justin Trudeau is bringing in his own red flag laws.

This week, Minister for Gun Confiscation Bill Blair announced the Trudeau Liberals would bring in a new law to encourage social surveillance.

Not satisfied with Canada’s strict firearms laws, which currently allow the police to seize firearms and revoke a licence when there is a threat to public safety or the safety of an individual, Bill Blair and Justin Trudeau want more power.

The scary thing is, they are not even trying to pretend what they want to do is Constitutional.

Just look at what former police chief Bill Blair said in the House of Commons, during question period, while actual cameras were rolling:

“What I can tell you, the authority that exists in law, the laws that are currently available, that enable law enforcement to seize firearms and to revoke licence are limited in their application, and it is only in the circumstances where reasonable and probable grounds exist, and it is only in circumstances where a seizure of a firearm has taken place that a firearm (licence) can be revoked.”

The reason current laws in Canada require “reasonable and probable grounds” is because that is what the Constitution demands. That is what justice demands.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is clear. Section 8 says “Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.”

Bill Blair and Justin Trudeau have made it abundantly clear they want to pass laws to make it easier for firearms owners to be harassed into giving up their firearms.

If Trudeau gets his Red Flag Laws, how long will it be before the law is abused the same way officials in Red Flag Communist China abuse their laws?

If the threshold for taking away firearms is no longer reasonable and probable grounds, that only leaves unreasonable grounds.

Your neighbour doesn’t like the way you mow your lawn?

Your ex-husband jealous you’re spending to much time at the range?

Once the Constitutional safeguards are ripped away, the law can be bent and warped in the pursuit of power.

Ultimately that is what this is about.

Like the Communist Party in China, the Trudeau Liberals can’t abide citizens who are not at the complete mercy of the government.

Help me fight Trudeau’s latest power grab before it is to late.

Even a donation of as little as $5 can buy hundreds of digital ads to inform Canadians about this threat to their rights.

Who's donating: from Thedford, ON, Canada donated. Thank you!