110. Heritage Principles

The Conservative Party affirms the federal government’s role in the preservation of Canada’s natural and historical heritage (such as national parks, museums and historic sites) for the benefit and enjoyment of all and as an enduring reminder to all Canadians of our common inheritance.

111. Arts and Culture

The Conservative Party supports arts, culture and the diverse heritage of Canada. Recognition that language is an integral part of one’s culture and heritage should form the basis for decision-making relating to its cultural and artistic community.

We encourage the government to recognize the diverse cultural nature of Canada and its shared history, and to take these into account when working to strengthen opportunities and accessibility in both the domestic and international markets for our creative works. 

We believe that government support should be linked to accountability, transparency and sustainability. We believes that ongoing scrutiny is necessary to ensure programs and policies effectively meet their objectives, to ensure they are based on merit, and to remove political involvement from the process. Arts, culture and heritage make a substantial contribution to Canadian society and have a positive impact on the lives of many Canadians. 

We support measures, including those implemented through the tax system, which encourage charitable giving by individuals and corporations to the arts and cultural community. 

112. Amateur Sport 

The Conservative Party recognizes the value of promoting amateur sport as a means of building legacy and heritage in local communities, and as a means of serving future generations of athletes. We believe in supporting and increasing participation in local and top-tier international sporting events. An investment in amateur sport is an investment in future Canadian leaders and in building Canadian representation around the world