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One Term Trudeau

Revenue Canada has confirmed that in 2016, the first full year the Trudeau Liberals were in power, the top one percent of income earners actually paid $4.6 billion less in federal taxes.

The Liberal Party in 2015 campaigned on a $3 billion tax increase for one percenters like Trudeau and his Finance Minister.

That broken promise is a difference of 7.6 billion dollars!

Meanwhile, average, middle-class Canadians paid a lot more in taxes.

How much more?

In 2018, the average, middle-class Canadian family paid $840 more in federal tax (a figure that does not include electricity price increases).

No wonder taxes are rising and services are dropping.

For the good of our country, and our fellow Canadians, we need to hold Trudeau and his party to one term only.

Who's donating: from Chaplin, SK, Canada donated. Thank you!