107. Diversity Principles

The Conservative Party believes that Canada’s multicultural society is a valued reality and accepts the need to foster understanding and equality of opportunity, while expecting Canadians to adopt Canadian common values such as equality, democracy, and the rule of law.

108. Multiculturalism

The Conservative Party recognizes the rich, diverse make-up of the Canadian population and the contribution of these communities to our history and the Canadian way of life. The government should ensure that each community is able to enhance and contribute to Canada without discrimination and barriers.

109. Official Languages

The Conservative Party believes that Canada’s official languages constitute unique and significant social and economic advantages that benefit all Canadians. We recognize and support the important contributions of official language minority communities to Canada.

We support the Official Languages Act ensuring that English and French have equality of status and equal rights and privileges as to their use in all institutions of the Parliament and Government of Canada.

We encourage the government to continue working with the provinces and territories to enhance opportunities for Canadians to learn and use both official languages.