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No New Taxes in 2017

Trudeau’s first budget introduced a new generation to bad liberal spending.

To pay for his reckless ways Trudeau’s next budget will introduce a slew of new taxes.

He wants to tax the internet. He wants a tax on your health. He even wants another tax on pop.

The next budget could be coming in as soon as March 7th.

We have to stop these new taxes before they are introduced in Budget 2017!

Canadians can’t afford new taxes, when we’re already paying carbon taxes, income taxes, property taxes and HST.

Enough is enough.

We can stop these taxes, but only if enough Canadians find out what Trudeau’s up to and speak out against the extra taxes in the next month.

Even a donation for as little as 7 dollars will help us get the word out to 9000 Canadians.

A small contribution now could help save you a massive tax hike in the spring.

We don’t have a lot of time, but with your help, we might stop these new taxes.