104. Canadian Broadcasting System

The Conservative Party believes in a stable Canadian presence in a varied and vibrant broadcasting system. The Canadian Broadcasting System (CBC) should offer a wide range of Canadian and international programming, while being respectful of Canadian content. The system should provide audiences with maximum choice and have the ability to utilize new technologies to achieve its public and private objectives.

The CBC-SRC is an important part of the broadcasting system in Canada. It must be a true public service broadcaster, relevant to Canadians. We will focus the CBC-SRC services on its mandates as public broadcasting services.

We recognize the vital role played by the private broadcasters of Canada through their local and regional programming that reflects the language and multicultural realities of our country.

Private sector broadcasters and service-providers first and foremost are businesses and must be able to compete in an ever-increasing fragmented and global market. We recognize the need for both regulatory flexibility and predictability.

Broadcasting policy in Canada must be relevant in today’s communications environment and responsive to the demands of Canadians. We believe the government should review and update the Broadcasting Act to ensure its relevance in today’s technological environment.

We believe the government should establish clear, national policy directions and a framework that will maximize the freedom of choice and ensure that freedom of speech is respected. The CRTC’s role in content regulation should be reduced to eliminate duplication where other legislation exists.

We believe that control and operations of the CBC could be best accomplished through establishing distinct budgets for the operations of the TV and radio broadcast functions.

105. Canadian Production Industry

The Conservative Party recognizes that the creative community gives expression in the film and electronic media to Canada’s identity and peoples. The production industry must be strengthened to participate in a global marketplace and become a self-sustaining, thriving industry with a skilled workforce.

106. Internet Connectivity

The Conservative Party recognizes the vital importance of internet connectivity to full Canadian participation in global economic, social, and cultural communities. The government should create an environment that encourages private sector investment to increase broadband infrastructure, especially in rural and remote areas of Canada.