56. Health Care

The Conservative Party believes all Canadians should have reasonable access to timely, quality health care services, regardless of their ability to pay.

The provinces and territories should have maximum flexibility to ensure the delivery of medically necessary health services within a universal, public health care system. We support adding a sixth principle to the Canada Health Act to provide stable and transparent federal funding. The government should work with the provinces in a co-operative and constructive

Flexibility for the provinces and territories in the implementation of health services should include a balance of public and private delivery options.

The government should work with the provinces and territories in the development of national quality indicators and objectives.

The government should work with the provinces and territories and professional medical groups to increase the supply of health care professionals where shortages exist.

57. Medicare Audit

The Conservative Party supports the concept of a social audit, under the existing office of the Chief Actuary, to help Canadians and their governments determine how well their Medicare is working. The audit would include actuarial advice on program design and health care financing issues.

58. Wellness Promotion

The Conservative Party recognizes the importance of wellness promotion and disease prevention in enhancing the health of Canadians and contributing to the sustainability of our health care system.

59. Protecting At Risk Workers

The Conservative Party believes the government should work with the provinces and territories to get a nationwide agreement to amend labour codes to provide "at risk" workers such as prison guards, law enforcement officials, and health care workers, and their physician or other medical professionals, the right to know when they have been exposed to infectious diseases. This right should transcend the privacy rights of the infected individual, and should be analogous to
workers' rights with respect to hazardous materials exposure.

60. Health Sciences Research, Development and Innovation 

The Conservative Party recognizes the importance of health sciences research in enhancing the health of Canadians and as a dynamic economic sector in its own right. 

We encourage all governments to foster an environment that encourages health sciences research and development of new health care technologies, which in part can be achieved through the provision of an adequate level of federal funding. 

We believe the government should support projects which would reduce waiting lists, improve the quality of care, and ensure better co-ordination and information sharing in the delivery of health care. 

A Conservative government should, in consultation with the provinces and territories, be open to the implementation of new advances so that all Canadians can benefit from a modern, effective, and sustainable health system tailored to meet their needs. 

61. Pharmaceuticals 

The Conservative Party believes that Canada’s pharmaceuticals legislation must strike a balance between encouraging the development of new drugs and ensuring that those drugs are available to Canadians at affordable prices. We believe that part of this balance is achieved through adhering to the international standard of 20 years patent protection for pharmaceuticals. 

We believe no one should lose their life savings because of unexpected health problems or as the result of the costs of prescription drugs. 

We support faster processing of drug approvals without compromising patient safety. 

62. Natural Health Products 

The Conservative Party supports enhanced freedom for Canadians in their choice of natural health products and complementary treatments, with proper safeguards for public safety. 

63. Assisted Human Reproduction and Related Research 

The Conservative Party recognizes the need for federal regulation in assisted human reproduction and related research. This field should be governed by principles that respect human individuality, integrity, dignity and life. In recognition of the ethical and scientific concerns around research using human embryos, we support an initial three-year prohibition on embryonic research, and call on the federal government to encourage its granting agencies to focus on more promising adult (post-natal) stem cell research. 

64. Abortion Legislation 

A Conservative Government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion.

65. Euthanasia

The Conservative Party will not support any legislation to legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide.