44. Transportation Principles

The Conservative Party supports a modern, efficient transportation system that is integral to the well-being of Canada’s economy, and essential for Canada to be competitive in continental and global markets.

We support public-private infrastructure investment as part of a comprehensive approach to improving and sustaining a world-class transportation system.

We believe that ensuring access to future transportation infrastructure for people with disabilities is a fundamental priority for all future public or private transportation installations.

We support the reduction or elimination of federal government fees, levies, taxes and rents, hidden and otherwise, associated with Canada’s national transportation system.

We believe that it is an important ongoing responsibility of government to improve border crossings and alleviate congestion at the border. This will result in the timely delivery of goods.

We also recognize the need for improving security and improved relations with the United States and recommends that the feasibility of a North American perimeter be studied.

We believe the government should assume responsibility for legitimate Customs and Immigration costs for all points of entry into Canada.

We believe the government should improve the security of Canada’s transportation system, including ports and marine facilities.

45. Air Transportation

The Conservative Party believes the government must negotiate reciprocal “Open Skies” type agreements where it is deemed to be in Canada’s overall interest.

We support strong accountability mechanisms for the corporate governance of Canada’s airport authorities.

We support ensuring airlines are represented on the board of NAV Canada.

46. Ground Transportation

The Conservative Party believes the government should work with the provinces and utilize revenues from the federal fuel excise tax as a source of funding to achieve a truly ‘National Highway System.’

We believe the government should work in partnership with the provinces and territories to achieve an integrated transportation system.

We believe that, in order to reduce automobile-rail accidents at level crossings, the government should continue to ensure that railroad owners take more responsibility for ensuring consistency in level crossing markings and equipping rail cars with side reflectors.