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Dose of Truth

Ottawa’s City Council has just passed a motion asking the federal and provincial governments to ban the sale and possession of handguns within Ottawa’s municipal borders.

This comes just days after media reported the Trudeau Liberal Party will run on a promise to allow cities to individually ban hand-guns.

Left-wing city councillors and the Trudeau Liberals are stoking fears and spreading lies about firearms and firearms-related crime in Canada.

The militant anti-gun lobby has no choice but to lie and scare Canadians, because when your fellow citizens do learn the truth about our country’s strict gun laws, support for further gun control drops dramatically.

“the percentage of Canadians saying they would like to see stricter regulations rises the less people knew about the subject” - Angus Reid Institute, May 24, 2019

Radical left-wing politicians like the Ottawa City councillors who sponsored the motion calling for the ban, are exploiting ignorance, and they know it. One councillor even cited the same Angus Reid poll in an Ottawa Citizen editorial, claiming a majority of Canadians support a handgun ban - that is they supported it until they learned more about our tough gun laws.

The writing is clearly on the wall.

If re-elected, the Trudeau Liberals will grant cities the power to ban law-abiding firearms owners.

They will turn Canada’s firearms regulations into a confusing mess of different by-laws applied in different ways.

The anti-gun extremists on city councils across the country and amongst the Liberal Party are mobilized and organized.

They do not represent a majority of Canadians.

They will lie to Canadians in order to spread fear.

As the Trudeau Liberals continue to struggle in the polls their desperation will grow, they will resort to even more extreme anti-gun measures in a desperate bid to scare up some votes.

We are fighting back using the best tool we have, the truth.

When Canadians learn the truth about Canada’s strict gun laws, not only will they feel safer, they will be immunized against future anti-gun lies.

Help me vaccinate Canadians with a dose of truth to prevent a plague of Liberal lies.

Who's donating: from Mulmur , ON, Canada donated. Thank you!