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Stand With Cheryl Gallant

Cheryl Gallant is a principled Conservative who has always stood up for her convictions.

Elected in 2000, Cheryl’s tough stands have made her a frequent target of the liberal media.

Despite over a decade of fake news directed at Cheryl, she never backs down.

She never stops fighting for us.

Canadians who care about Conservative values need to stand with Cheryl.

Here are 5 ways you can stand with Cheryl

  1. Make a donation to her local Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Conservative Association online or by mail
  2. Sign up for her newsletter The Gallant Night News
  3. Follow her on Facebook and catch the next broadcast of Gallant Night News Live
  4. Follow her on Twitter @cherylgallant
  5. Subscribe to her YouTube Channel

Here are 5 Facts You May Not Know about Cheryl Gallant

  1. Cheryl has a Bachelor’s of Science from Western University
  2. Cheryl is currently the longest serving female Conservative MP in the House of Commons
  3. Cheryl has been recognized by Maclean’s and the Hill Times as one of the best constituency MPs in Parliament.
  4. Cheryl was the first woman elected to Parliament in Renfrew County and took a seat that had vote Liberal for 70 years.
  5. She defeated Liberal MP Hec Clouthier in 2000 by 2,537 votes. When Hec ran against her again in 2011, he came 2nd but lost by 17,851 votes! Just to be sure, Cheryl beat him again in 2015 by 19,895 votes!!
Who's donating: from Ottawa, ON, Canada donated. Thank you!