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The Trudeau Liberals’ Anti-Gun Agenda Revealed

The Liberals have officially introduced bill C-71, An Act to Harass Law-Abiding Firearms Owners with More and More Paperwork.

C-71 is silent on gang crime. C-71 is silent on border smuggling. C-71 is silent on penalties for crimes committed with guns.

What C-71 does do is add more red-tape, more paperwork, and more regulations on Canadians, who have already proven time and again, they are law-abiding citizens.

C-71 is simply virtue-signaling on the part of Liberals.

Let’s send them a different signal with two simple steps.

  1. Make a donation
  2. Tell a Liberal MP you just made a donation with a local Conservative Association to ensure their defeat at www.rnp-conservative.ca/liberals

If enough Liberal MPs hear from Canadians, who took the time to help ensure their defeat with a donation, it might make them vote against C-71.

Help stop C-71, the Firearms Owners Harassment Act.