2. Ministerial Accountability

A fundamental component of Parliamentary government is ministerial accountability to Parliament. The Conservative Party is determined to enforce parliamentary principles of government accountability. We believe that ministers should continue to have authority and be accountable for the policies they implement and the administrative actions of their departments.

3. Public Service Excellence

The Conservative Party believes that all Canadians deserve an efficient, effective, and independent professional public service. We believe the government should build upon the whistle-blowing protection legislation to ensure that those who expose corruption and wrongdoing are protected from reprisal. We continue to support any measures which enhance
public service effectiveness and accountability.

We believe that Public Service benefits and pensions should be comparable to those of similar employees in the private sector, and to the extent that they are not, they should be made comparable to such private sector benefits and pensions in future contract negotiations.

4. Sound Financial Management

The Conservative Party believes:

i. the government should continue to strengthen the internal audit and comptrollership functions of government, ensuring that program delivery matches the intent of the program, spending is measured against objectives and cost overruns are brought to the immediate attention of Parliament;

ii. in the audit role of the Treasury Board; 

iii. the Auditor General should be able to table reports with the Clerk of the House of Commons when Parliament is not sitting, and have them made public through the Speaker; and

iv. the government should ensure transparency, accuracy of and confidence in the government’s finances by providing the Auditor General with full access to all documents from all federal organizations, including all agencies, Crown corporations, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and foundations. 

5. Government Duplication and Waste

The Conservative Party believes the government should implement detailed processes to streamline government services and eliminate waste, unnecessary overlap, duplication between the levels of government and within and between the Departments of the Federal Government.