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Canada’s economy is the strongest in the G7 – thanks to the strong, stable leadership of Stephen Harper.

But what does the future look like for our children? And our grandchildren?

Nobody knows for sure, but we’re working hard every day to secure the best possible future for our country.

We know the choices we make today will impact Canada’s future. That’s why Canada’s Conservatives are committed to jobs, growth and long-term prosperity.

Canada’s economy is on the right track. Under the leadership of Stephen Harper, we’re going to balance the budget, keep taxes low, and create more jobs and opportunities for Canadians.

But with a fragile global economy, we can’t afford to change course. Budgets don’t simply balance themselves, and bigger government with higher taxes would cripple our economy.

Canada needs strong, stable leadership – not a leader who lacks the experience and judgement to be Prime Minister.

But the road to 2015 will not be easy. Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair are working together to tear down our government and reverse all the progress we’ve made.

And that’s why the next election is so important.

It’s not just about today or tomorrow – it’s about the future of our country.

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John Walsh
President, Conservative Party of Canada

Article source www.conservative.ca