Road to 2015

I’ll get straight to the point.

We need to win another majority government.

It won’t be easy – the road to 2015 will be difficult.

But this isn’t about Stephen Harper or the Conservative Party – it’s about our future.

It’s about you. Your family. Your kids. Your grandkids.

The choices we make today will impact Canada’s future.

The global economy remains fragile. Canada needs strong, stable leadership – or we risk losing everything we’ve accomplished together.

Voters are faced with a choice between Stephen Harper’s strong stable leadership and Justin Trudeau’s lack of judgement and experience.

The stakes have never been higher – that’s why I’m asking you to take part in our “Road to 2015″ campaign.

Will you add your name to our list of supporters and join the fight in 2015?

We’re counting on you.


Dimitri Soudas
Executive Director, Conservative Party of Canada

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