Middle class families better off with Harper

A new report from Statistics Canada shows middle class families are better off today thanks to the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Survey of Financial Security found that the average net worth of Canadian families is up 44.5% since 2005 – and the largest increase occurred for families in the middle class.

Our plan is working. We have the best economy in the G7. Canada has added more than one million jobs since the recession. And more:

  • We’ve cut taxes 160 times
  • Our tax cuts are saving the average family over $3,400 a year
  • 1.4 million Canadians are no longer living in poverty – including 250,000 children

Justin Trudeau says he’s fighting for the middle class, but his plan would cripple our economy.

Bigger government. Billions in new spending. Higher taxes. Crippling debt for future generations.

That’s not the right plan for middle class families – and it’s proof that Justin Trudeau lacks the judgement or experience to be Prime Minister.

With a fragile global economy, we think Canada needs the strong, stable leadership of Stephen Harper.

What do you think?

Who do you trust to manage the economy?


Article source www.conservative.ca