Economic Action Plan 2014

There is much in which we Conservatives can be proud.

Under the strong leadership of Stephen Harper, we’ve cut taxes by $3400 for the average family and Canada has the strongest job creation record in the developed world.

Our plan is working. But there is more to be done. The global economy remains fragile. The US economic recovery is still stubbornly slow. Canadians remain concerned about their jobs and their children’s future.

Our government has a plan to meet these challenges and balance the budget by 2015.

On February 11, our government will release Economic Action Plan 2014 — our plan to create jobs and opportunities, support and protect Canadian families, and put Canada first.

Our plan is working and we need to stay the course. Now is not the time to recklessly increase taxes on families.

Take a sneak peek at Economic Action Plan 2014 and watch this video:


Kevin Sorenson
MP, Crowfoot

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