Best results ever in a non-election year


Scroll to the bottom of this email to uncover our next goal.

But before doing that I wanted to tell you that I just wrapped up a meeting with our Executive Director, Dimitri, and he asked me to pass along an important message:

Thank you!

We did it together!

Despite the constant attacks from Justin Trudeau and his allies in the Ottawa Press Gallery, we had our best non-election year ever.

  • We raised more than $18 million in 2013 – best non-election year ever
  • We raised more than $5.2 million in the last quarter of 2013 – best non-election year Q4 ever.
  • We raised more than $600,000 from online donors in December alone – best month for online fundraising ever.

Thanks to you, we met – and greatly exceeded – our Seize the Moment goal in December.

With your help, 2014 will be another great year for our Party.

The next election is around the corner.

Our Leader, Stephen Harper, will be ready for the 2015 Election.

Now we need your help to make sure our Party is also ready.

In 2015 Canadians will have an opportunity to choose between the strong, stable leadership of Stephen Harper and the poor judgment of Justin Trudeau.

Let’s make sure we have all we need to fight and win against the Trudeau Liberals.

Let’s make it happen.

John Walsh
President, Conservative Party of Canada

P.S. Now. I need us to rise to the next challenge. Help us start 2014 strong – share this with your friends and family, and then add your name to our list at

I want to be able to tell our Prime Minister we added 20,000 new supporters this week alone.

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