Strongest in the G7

Do you know which country has the strongest economy in the G7?

It’s Canada.

That’s something we should be very proud of.

We didn’t get here by accident. It’s taken seven years of strong leadership from Stephen Harper.

He made the tough choices – and the right choices – to get our economy on track.

Today, you have an important choice to make.

We need to make sure our Party is just as strong as our economy – or we risk losing the election to Justin Trudeau.

Do you really think Justin Trudeau could run our economy? I don’t think so – he’s in way over his head.

Make the right choice – donate $25 today, or whatever you can afford, to our Seize the Moment campaign.

You only have two more days to make your end-of-year donation and get a tax credit, worth up to 75% of your donation.

And we need your help to reach our $2 million goal by the end of this month.

Now is the time to donate to the Conservative Party – make your contribution now.


Jim Flaherty
MP, Whitby-Oshawa

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