Liberals Need to Finally Come Clean on Sponsorship Scandal

Today, Jean Chrétien’s “good friend” Jacques Corriveau, was charged with fraud for his role in the Sponsorship Scandal. The RCMP allege Corriveau, a former Liberal Party Vice-President, helped orchestrate the scandal that funneled $40 million in taxpayers’ money into Liberal friendly companies in Quebec and in illegal donations back to the Liberal Party.

“Taxpayers are still waiting on the Liberals to pay back the missing $40 million– but instead, Chrétien is fundraising for his old pal, Justin Trudeau,” said Denis Lebel, Member of Parliament for Roberval-Lac Saint-Jean.

Yesterday the former Liberal leader responsible for the sponsorship scandal, sent an email to Liberal Party members asking them to donate money to the Party and to Trudeau.

Chuck Guite famously reiterated a quote from David “I’m entitled to my entitlements” Dingwall that “if you ever find somebody in bed between Jean Chretien and his wife, it’ll be Jacques Corriveau.” We are again reminded that corruption is never far away from the Liberal Party elites.

“Instead of asking Canadians for more money, Trudeau needs to clean up the Liberal’s culture of entitlement and have his good friends pay back the money they took from taxpayers,” said Lebel.

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