Not Criminally Responsible

In 2008, Allan Schoenborn murdered his three young children, leaving their bodies to be found by their mother, Allan’s ex-wife.

Schoenborn was found “not criminally responsible” for his crimes because of a mental disorder.

By April 2011, Schoenborn was approved by a review board for day passes into my community – the same community where the mother was living

If it weren’t for the intervention of the community, she never would have known about it. In fact, there was no obligation for the Justice system to inform her or her family that Schoenborn was granted access to their home community.

No one should ever have to relive the horror of this terrible tragedy.

That’s why we reinstated the Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act.

This law will put public safety first, protect the public from high-risk offenders, and stand up for victims’ rights.

Justin Trudeau’s soft-on-crime Liberals will be voting against it – and if they ever get into office, they would repeal it in a second.

Let’s make sure the Liberals never have a chance to repeal our tough-on-crime agenda. Add your name to our petition today:


James Moore
MP, Port Moody—Westwood—Port Coquitlam

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