Fire Him Now

On CBC’s Power & Politics, Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis criticized the payments offered to veterans under the New Veterans Charter, saying:

Giving somebody a lump sum…that’s like hanging a case of beer in front of a drunk… They get the lump sum, they go and spend it, either trying to buy a house or buying a fast car or spending it on booze or addiction.
Jim Karygiannis, Liberal Veterans Affairs Critic, November 11, 2013

Whether it’s accusing moms and dads of wanting to spend the Universal Child Care Benefit on “beer and popcorn”, to saying injured veterans will spend lump sum payments on “booze or addiction”, the Liberals continue to believe lobbyists, academics, and bureaucrats spend money better than hardworking Canadian families.

These comments are an insult to Canadian veterans — particularly so close to Remembrance Day.

We need to send Justin Trudeau a message — we’re not choosing the winner of Canadian Idol in 2015, we’re electing a Prime Minister.

Will you sign our petition calling on Justin Trudeau to immediately fire his top veterans spokesman?

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