Justin Trudeau has a famous last name, but he lacks the judgement to be Prime Minister.

His only policy priority so far is to promote the legalization of marijuana. He wants to make it available for sale, like alcohol and tobacco. But that would dramatically increase its availability to minors and send the message that recreational drug use is acceptable.

To highlight Justin Trudeau’s policy and his lack of judgement, the Conservative Party has released ads in communities across Canada.

Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government is following a very different priority, working to help make our streets and communities safer. This includes combatting drug trafficking and grow-ops, especially in residential areas.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals don’t stop to consider the harmful effects of marijuana on users and society, especially when it comes to younger Canadians. Justin Trudeau’s plan to make marijuana more freely available without considering the consequences shows he doesn’t have the judgement to be Prime Minister. He’s in way over his head.


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