Seizing Canada’s Moment

In an uncertain and unstable world, our Conservative government has led us through tough economic times.

We’ve been focused on protecting jobs and our economy, keeping taxes low, keeping our families and communities safe, and standing up for Canada.

The results are clear: with one million net new jobs added since the recession, we lead the G7 on job creation and on the strength of our balance sheet.

But we know that we also face competition from new and rising economies – and for our generation, and our children’s generation, we need to do more.

Canadians have a rare opportunity to build on our nation’s immense natural wealth. Our stable democracy. Our sound finances. Our expanding trade relationships. Our strong communities. Our skilled workforce.

This is Canada’s moment – and it is our government’s job to seize this moment for the benefit of all Canadians.

That’s why today’s throne speech laid out three priorities for our government moving forward:

  • Create jobs and opportunities for Canadians
  • Support and protect Canadian families
  • Put Canada first

Our priorities are about making sure Canada is leading the world, so that Canadians – who work hard, pay their taxes, and play by the rules – can get ahead.

Our work will be guided by our values: the belief in low taxes; small government; a thriving private-sector that creates jobs for Canadians; protecting our communities from criminals and drug-pushers; and believing that Canada is the best country on Earth.

If you share those values and if you share our belief that this is Canada’s moment – we need your help.

Tell the Prime Minister you’ve got his back – and help us seize Canada’s moment:

Together, we can accomplish amazing things.

Let’s do this.

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